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1948 - Stand Down at Buckingham Palace

i. Evacuation- overall picture

ii. Evacuation - Hebron

iii. Bassa

iv. Safad

v. Tiberias

vi. Haifa

vii. Jaffa?

viii The Last Day

Stand down

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Inspection of a Detachment of the British Section of the Palestine Police


H.M.King George

Buckingham Palace 20th July 1948

After the Inspection the king made a speech:

"I am happy to have this opportunity of inspecting a detachment of the British section of the Palestine Police Force and of presenting medals to members of the Force in recognition of their gallantry and meritorious service.

I am glad to be able to mark the respect which we in this country feel for the manner in which you have done your duty in Palestine. The conflict between Arab and Jew made it necessary that there should be in the British section of the Palestine Police an impartial force to maintain law and order and to assist in carrying out the heavy task laid upon us by the Mandate. This has meant that the British police have had to face calumny and provocation as well as murderous attack.

I have admired the forbearance and courage with which you have met the difficulties and dangers of service in Palestine. Many of your comrades have given their lives and many others have been injured in that service: their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Your task in the Palestine Police is now completed and you can look back on a job well done. You will soon be turning to employment elsewhere, and, wherever your future may lie, I wish you every success."

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