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The Evacuation of Jaffa

i. Evacuation- overall picture

ii. Evacuation - Hebron

iii. Bassa

iv. Safad

v. Tiberias

vi. Haifa

vii. Jaffa

viii The Last Day

Stand down

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In 1947, the UNSCOP had recommended that Jaffa be included in the planned Jewish state. Due to the large Arab majority, however, UN designated it as part of the Arab state although its route to the rest of the Arab territory was surrounded by the proposed Jewish state. That road however, along with Jerusalem was to be international property.

The municipality of Jaffa was well organised and quite prepared to fund its own municipal police. Unfortunately, however, the Jews perceived Jaffa as threat and were determined to annexe it.

Escape from Jaffa The British army and navy did actually support Jaffa against some Irgun and Haganah attacks but realizing the city would fall as soon as they withdrew, they eventually concentrated on evacuating the city.

When Haganah took control of the town on 14th May, a mere 4,000 people were left, mostly concentrated in the Ajami district.

The Last Day   

Text Copyright - Margaret Penfold, BA hons, Dip. Ed, British Palestine Police Association