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The Evacuation of Tiberias

i. Evacuation- overall picture

ii. Evacuation - Hebron

iii. Bassa

iv. Safad

v. Tiberias

vi. Haifa

vii. Jaffa?

viii The Last Day

Stand down

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I don't know when the British Palestne Police left Tiberias. It appeard the evacuation was conducted in a different fashion from Hebron, Bassa and Safad because when they left British paratroopers took over the police station and the Jordanian Arab Legion, who had been asked by the British to look after security in Galilee, stationed themselves some thirteen kilometers south of Tiberias.

Relative quiet reigned in Tiberias until March 10th 1948 when a rumour spread that a Jewish leader had been killed by Arabs and that the Jews were planning reprisal attacks. The Arabs opened fire and fighting continued for three days until the British army brokered a cease fire.

Four weeks later, trouble broke out again. Although the local Arab National Committee refused the offer of the Arab League's Liberation Army to take over defense of Tiberias, a small contingent of outside irregulars moved in against the will of the locals. During April 10-17, the Haganah, anxious about the safety of its convoys passing through the Jordan valley, attacked the city and refused to negotiate a truce.

The Arab inhabitants appealed to the British to lift the Haganah siege on the Old City and to extend their protection to the Arab areas. The British army told the Arabs that they intended to leave the city within a few days and could offer no protection to the Arabs beyond 22 April. The Arabs decided to evacuate the city and left under British escort.

Widespread looting of the Arab areas by the Jewish population occurred. Haganah formed a military police force to prevent more looting. Israeli police still use the tegart-type police station in Tiberias.

The Evacuation of Haifa   

Text Copyright - Margaret Penfold, BA hon, Dip. Ed, British Palestine Police Association