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The Mandate becomes Official

i. Mandate becomes Official

ii. Reformation of the Port Police

iii. 1926 Disbandment of the British Gendarmerie

iv. The Transjordon Frontier Force

v. The Bedouin Police Units

vi. At Ground Level in 1920s Gaza

vii.1926-27 Drought, Floods and Earthquakes

viii. Police and the Western Wall

A.S. Mavrogordato

A.S.MavrogordatoThe British Mandate to administer Palestine became official in 1923. Unfortunately this happened when Britain was going through an era of austerity. Using the official end of OETA as an excuse, the British government withdrew its troops and made a squadron of the RAF responsible for the military security of Palestine. It also cut the pay of the British Gendarmerie so the pay was half that Irish members had received when they were in the Royal Irish Constabulary. Half the members of the British Gendarmerie did not renew their contracts at the end of the first year Lt-Colonel Bramley retired and was replaced by A.S. Mavrogordato.

A.S.Mavrogordato, Esq OBE, who had previously served in Cyprus and Sierra Leone, took over as director of Public Security in 1923. He had previously served in the Cyprus and Sierra Leone Police Forces.


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