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UNSCOP's Partition Plan and UN vote

i. UNSCOP begins

ii. British Alienate UNSCOP

iii. The Two Sergeants

iv. End of the PMF

v. Life at Bassa Tegart 1947

vi. UNSCOP's Partition Plan and UN vote.

vii. Police Reactions to UN Vote

final version of UN  partition planThe police along with everyone else in Palestine awaited UNSCOP's verdict. A minority report delivered by the Indian delegate,who had witnessed the bloodbath caused by the partition of India, along with the delegates from Iran and Yugoslavia recommended a Federal State. However, the majority report, published on September 3rd 1947, recommended the partition of Palestine. In its plan, the Jewish state comprised 55% of Palestine west of the Jordan, although it owned or controlled only 6% of the land.

UNSCOP was unanimous in recommending that the British Mandate should end as soon as possible. The majority recommended that, following the British withdrawal, there should be a transition period when all Palestine should be held under UN trusteeship for a brief period while the UN prepared Palestine for division into two states, economically unified.

Following the publication of the UNSCOP Report and map marking the boundaries, the Arabs rejected partition altogether and Haganah prepared a military plan to defend the lands allocated to the Jews.

The delegates to the UN General Assembly voted on November 29th, 1947, 33 to 13 with 10 abstentions, to recommend the partition of Palestine.

Police Reactions to UN Vote    

Text Copyright Margaret Penfold, BA Hons, Dip Ed, British Palestine Police Association