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Lehi and Irgun's Attack on the Railway Workshops

i. Givat Hayim

ii. Ramat Gan

iii. Night of the Bridges

iv. Attack on Railway Workshops

v. OP Agatha

vi. Bombing of the king David Hotel

vii. Operation Shark

Irgun symbol Lehi symbol 24 hours after "The Night of the Bridges, Irgun and Lehi joined forces for their major contribution to the United Jewish Resistance, an attack on the railway workshops in Haifa. This was the largest operation the Lehi had ever been involved in,involving 40 underground fighters. Ben-Ami 'Boaz' Yulevitz, a Lehi commander who had military experience, commanded the operation.

Using a truck reinforced with steel plates they crashed through the gate into the workshops while firing their guns and placed bombs under the engines, carriages, the swing bridges and equipment. The explosions were ear-shattering.

The Police and Army arrived before the Lehi and Irgun left. In the ensuing gun fight eleven underground fighters were killed and many injured. Twenty-two were captured and brought before a military tribunal. Four of the 22 were sentenced to life imprisonment, and the rest condemned to death. The death sentence was later commuted to life in prison.

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