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Introduction to the BPPA

Mission Statement and Constitution

Rolls of Honour

Roll of Honour for British Section of Palestine Police and Gazetted British Officers
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(This roll was completed as part of a mission to locate missing graves.)

Roll of Honour for Palestinian Section of Palestine Police and non-British gazetted police officers
(not yet completed)

Policing British Palestine;

Chronological sections

Section 1 - 1914-1920

Section 2 - 1920-1922

Section 3 - 1923-1927

Section 4 - 1927-1929

Section 5 - 1930-1936

Section 6 - 1936-1939

Section 7 - 1937-1939

Section 8 - 1939-1943

Section 9 - 1943-1945

Section 10 - 1945-1946

Section 11 - Jan-May 1947

Section 12- May-Nov 1947

Section 13 - Dec 1947-April 1948

Section 14 - Evacuation 1948

Stand Down - July 1948

Police Commanders and Inspector-Generals

Police Commanders and Inspector-Generals

BPPA Newsletters

Eventually wwe hope to have all BPPA Newsletters on line in PDF form. They will, of course, be shorn of all sensitive data such as members names, addresses (geographical and e-mail), telephone numbers.
Meanwhile, anyone wishing to access any BPPA or PPOCA newsletter, can find a copy at St Antony's College, Oxford.

PP Stories

Reserve Inspector Captain Mackenzie

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