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This website has been created using material from a PPOCA website originally created by Graham Jenkins. Administrative information has been updated and the history files expanded at the request of former BPPA chairman, John Kearney. Anthony Rae has generously provided the web hosting and domain name that was chosen by vote at the AGM. We are grateful to Keith Jenkins for providing the original PPOCA website files to BPPA and to Edward Horne, Esq. B.E.M.,who wrote the book, "A Job Well Done" and from which, with his kind permission, originally given to Graham Jenkins, material for the history of the Palestine Police has been taken.

The task of acknowledging all the material and the bibliography is going to be a massive one. I have been given so many photos by generous donors who unfortunately are more often than not completely at a loss to supply the name of the photographer. Luckily many photos were taken in that part of Mandated Palestine that is now Israel. Israeli law declares photos taken during the mandate era come out of copyright fifty years after the photos were taken. This is a very different law to one now prevailing in most countries. I will acknowledge known owners of photographs on the pages where the pages where the photos are displayed.

Many illustrations have been taken from the MidEast Website. Although those illustrations are copyright, Ami Isseroff, co-founder of the MidEast Web gave me permission long before his death to use his work where it was relevant. In return I supplied him with considerable information on Palestine during the mandate era that he had been unaware of. If I have used MidEast Web material that was not supplied by Ami, I would be very grateful if the people concerned would contact me. I would be even more grateful if they give me permission to continue using their material.

I have written these pages as far as possible in strict chronological order. Although the linear approach is now considered old-fashioned, I believe it is the only moral approach to writing a history of a location where popular narrative confuses cause and effect by obfuscating the chronology. To help me in this task I have made constant use of the Palestine Post and Palestine Bulletin so generously put on line for free use originally by Tel Aviv University. I am not sure, however, whether the current curators have any connection with that university. Although the newspapers referred too were heavily censored by the British authorities at least one can be fairly certain that they would not report an event before it happened.

This however, is not an academic thesis so I am not spoon feeding students by quoting academic authorities. I will eventually supply a long list of books I have read with perhaps some comments on their accuracy and freedom from bias but students can do their own research.

Written by the late Margaret Penfold (1933-2018) founder member and editor of the BPPA

Text - copyright British Palestine Police Association