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An Introduction to the British Palestine Police Association

The British Palestine Police Association (BPPA) came into being on February lst 2014, the day after the Palestine Police Old Comrades Association (PPOCA) disbanded.

The BPPA was established with funds provided by PPOCA, to continue those services that had previously been provided by PPOCA, except for those already entrusted to SSAFA and St Antony's College, Oxford.

Those services are:

  1. To enable surviving Palestine Police Old Comrades members and their families to keep in touch.
  2. To ensure, through collaboration with the CWGC, and if necessary other agencies, that the graves of ex-patriate Palestine Police and British Gendarmerie, who had died in service and were buried in the former territory of British administered Palestine, are well cared for.
  3. To keep alive the memory of the Palestine Police who served during the period, 1920 to 1948, even after the demise of the last veteran.

This to be achieved by:

  1. Providing funds for the refurbishment of lost or damaged graves of those Palestine Policemen and British Gendarmerie who had died in 'peace time' service and so are technically not the responsibility of the CWGC and ensuring that financial arrangements are made for their maintenance in perpetuity.
  2. Subsidising a BPPA newsletter initially in the style of previous PPOCA newsletters.