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How to contact us

John Tyrrell

E-Mail: BPPATyrrell@gmail.com

Michael Best MBE

E-Mail: treasurer@britishppa.com

Martin Higgins MA

Telephone: 01242 236133

E-mail: address will be given to genuine enquirers
Members can find the email address in the BPPA Newsletter.

Queries re Roll of Honour, Graves, Memorials
Anthony Rae MA

Email: britishpalestinepolice@gmail.com

Officers who died during police service in Palestine or elsewhere and other general enquiries

Newsletter Editor
Margaret Penfold MA Dip. Ed
Research queries on Palestine Police welcome

Margaret prefers to send and receive all correspondence by email.
Home address will be divulged if email is difficult

Telephone: 0116 2885595

How to join

Until such time as a form has been uploaded onto this website, please email or write to the secretary.
ask him to send you two copies of a submission form.
Return one completed copy of the membership application to the secretary.
When the submission has been approved, send the second completed copy with enclosed cheque to the treasurer.
Currently the minimum membership fee is £12.50 for members resident in the UK and £19 for overseas members.
(The larger fee for overseas members is due to the greater cost of posting three newsletters by airmail each year.

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