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BPPA Mission Statement and Constitution

British Palestine Police Association Mission Statement 2017

The purpose of the British Palestine Police Association (BPPA) is:

To preserve the memory and the role played by the Palestine Police (PP) together with those who served during the period of its operation (1920-1948);

to provide a forum for the surviving serving officers, their families and descendants and any other interested person in PP or British Mandate History to communicate and on occasion meet;

to undertake such independent research and development in order to confirm, further and if necessary challenge existing knowledge of the work of the PP and to promote public awareness of the crucial role played by the PP and its individual officers in the important period of human history from 1920 to 1948;

to secure, through negotiation and by donation agreement for the perpetual maintenance of the graves of those members of the Palestine Police who gave their lives from 1920 and during the period of the British Mandate.

Constitution of the British Palestine Police Association
[Formed 2014]


This Association is formed by members of the Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association (PPOCA) which existed for over 65 years from the Force Stand-Down in 1948. Its purpose is to inherit the role of the PPOCA to enable its objects and ambitions to be continued and any finances to be received to ensure its legacy endures for future generations. The Association will continue in the same spirit of unity and comradeship as held by those who served in the British Mandate Palestine Police.



Badge and Tie

The Badge of the Palestine Police but with scroll: '1920-1948', plus additional scroll with motto 'A JOB WELL DONE'1.
The Tie is retained as heretofore.


1. To maintain contact with and assist former Force members, their relatives and descendants and any other interested person.

2. To preserve the History, Archives and Artefacts of the Palestine Police Force during the British Mandate 1920-1948 and to promote its Heritage for future generations.

3. The construction, repair and maintenance of the new and existing gravestones and memorials of all British Mandate Palestine Police Officers who died in service or as a result of their police service.

4. The construction and maintenance of a Roll of Honour, in any form, in memory of all British Mandate Palestine Police Officers who died in service, or as a result of their police service.

General Policy

The Association is non-sectarian and non-political and is to continue to provide comradeship and assistance in cases of need among ex-members of the Force and their families and dependents.


1. At the discretion of the Committee, membership is open to all former members of the Force, their relatives and descendants and anyone with a special interest in the history of the Force.

2. All Ordinary Members will pay an annual subscription and have voting rights where appropriate.

3. Honorary Membership (without subscription) may be granted by the Committee to those who

(a) Have provided or rendered valuable services to the Association, or who
(b) Within their professional or special experience act as voluntary Advisors to the Association.

4. For computer record purposes only, the current method of registration will continue.

5. Membership may cease by:

(a) Resignation; or (b) Failure to renew subscription; or (c) Expulsion by the Committee for conduct likely to bring the Association into disrepute.


1. The Association shall be financed by Annual Subscriptions and Donations from various sources.

2. The financial year shall be from 1st February each year to 31st January of the following year.

3. The Annual Fee shall be £12.50 (minimum) and will include the cost of the Newsletter to be produced three times a year (Air Mail costs to be added where appropriate).

4. Pre-existing concessions to PPOCA members will continue, and enquiries from any member in need for future concessions should be made to the Secretary.

5. The Accounts will be maintained by the Treasurer and shall be audited and published annually.

6. Funds will be held in an Association Bank Account operated by members of the Committee, with 3 authorised signatories namely the Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer.

7. All cheques and orders for payment of money from the Account shall be signed by 2 signatories.


1. A Committee shall be formed as the Governing Body of the Association who shall appoint from their number a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Thereafter an Annual General Meeting to be held at which the Committee is elected from the membership by a vote of all members present, and Postal Votes2.

2. The Committee may appoint Advisors on matters within their professional or special experience who will receive Honorary Membership during the period of such appointment.

3. The Committee shall be responsible for conducting the day to day business of the Association.

4. Other than the AGM no formal Meetings will be held but at the request of the Chairman and/or Secretary an Agenda will be circulated and responses made by email, telephone or post within ten days. Decisions will be by simple majority of the Committee.

5. Any item deserving of special attention of the membership will be highlighted in the Newsletter and responses should be made to the Secretary.

6. The Secretary shall be entitled to carry out all duties and make decisions within the previously approved decisions of the Committee or of the former Association.

The new Association will formally commence on cessation of the PPOCA, namely 1st February 2014.