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Dowbiggin's Report

i. Aftermath of the 1929 Riots

ii. The Dowbiggin Report

iii. Re-organization of the Palestine Police

iv. The Black Hand

v. The 1933 Riots

vi. The Arlosorrof Case and Creation of the Dog Section

vii. King George V's Silver Jubilee

viii. The Black Hand re-emerges

Recommendations made in Dowbiggin's report that was published secretly in May 1930.

* Commandant Mavrogordato be replaced.
*Both the British and Palestine Sections of the Police be reinforced.
* Police should be deployed so no important Jewish settlement or group of Jewish farms was without a detachment of Jewish guards with access to sealed armouries. * Each colony should be provided with a telephone and the whole road network improved to give police greater mobility.
* A new head of CID be appointed to restructure the department and create lines of communication from all the districts through to CID HQ and up to Inspector General.
* The CID became responsible for intelligence gathering and observation of all Palestinian political activities besides the Communists.
* Members of the British Section of the Palestine Police should be retrained as Civilian Police rather than paramilitary riot-busters and be redeployed in police stations to work alongside their Palestinian colleagues.

Unfortunately the British Government was once again subjecting the Palestine Government to financial cuts, so it was some time before Dowbiggin's suggestions were put into action. The government did however, provide the sealed armouries but instead of rifles the new armouries consisted of one-shot Greeners.

One step the administration took that involved little extra cost was to bar Jabotinsky from returning to Palestine after his visit to South Africa. For the rest of his life Jabotinsky had to administer the Irgun (Haganah Bet) from New York.

On 8th May,1931, Commandant Mavrogordato left the Force to become Inspector General of the Trinidad Constabulary. Alan Saunders became Acting Commandant pending the arrival of R.G.B. Spicer Esq, CMG MC, who had been Commissioner of Police in Kenya.

Although this report was classified as confidential at the time, it is now available for public viewing at public at
The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 4DU
Unfortunately there is still not a free online copy available so, unless you live in London, it will cost an arm and a leg to receive an email copy of the document.

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