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The Peel Commission

i. The Arab Rebellion- The Initial Stage

ii. The Arab Rebellion- Strikes, Ambushes and Chaos

ii. Creation of the Notrim

iii. The Peel Commission

Map of the Peel Commissions Proposals

The Peel Commission concluded that the Arabs would never co-operate with the Jews to govern a state where everyone could live on equal terms. In consequence they advised that Palestine should be divided into three parts.

The proposed Jewish portion, although far smaller than the Arab portion would contain most of Palestine's fertile land, fresh water resources, industrial complexes and its only deep water harbour.

The proposals would entail a population exchange on the lines of the 1923 Greco-Turkish exchange. This would involve the expulsion of up to 225,000 Arabs and 1,250 Jews from their current homes.

However, since there was not be enough fertile land in the Arab share of the partition or Transjordan to accommodate 225,000 extra people,the Peel Commission suggested they would have to be accommodated in other Arab countries without specifying how this was to be accomplished.

Neither Arabs nor Jews accepted the plan. Palestinian Jews considered their partition, even with all Arabs removed, too small to accommodate all European Jews fleeing an anti-Semitic Europe.

GreekRefugees The Arabs saw no reason why they should lose the most fertile and heavily populated areas of their country and as for the transfers, they still remembered the long lines of evacuees trailing across the continents fourteen years earlier after the League of Nations had approved the Greco-Turkish exchange.

The Revolt flared up again with even more support from Palestinian Arabs.

The picture shows a line of evacuees in 1923

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